22, probably annoying. Capslock is my first language.

My brother just informed me that he’s being a sexy Ron Weasley for Halloween.

I peeked into the back yard to check on the furry idiots and Zico just…



I love [Soom MD Chalco]s, and this is by far the BEST Chalco I’ve seen yet! (Well, second only to my own ;))

He was fully body blushed to a darker skintone(GORGEOUS, I want a Chalco with this skintone!), given earrings, and that stellar faceup + small tattoos. Freaking gorgeous.

Click for HIGH RES of the second pic.

Birthday fave reblogs! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this dark skintone mod for this Chalco, and his tattoos.


bjd  belongs http://madam-b.tumblr.com


Dollshe Saint belongs to dear FiroProPhoto by Borgia. Faceup, eyes and photo editing by me. 



Her name is Elizabeth. She’s 33cm tall and listed under the DC Kids line (making her head compatible with other K-Line bodies.)

There is no fullset, so her price is $480 USD. Faceup is +$60 USD and Body Blushing (which I believe includes all tattoos) is +$120 USD. Doll Chateau only offers White, Pink, and Yellow skin tones (their default is White, any other choice has no extra cost.)

Oddly, they don’t sell her head or body separately. This may change in the future.

So I’m just gonna give DC access to my bank account and they can just send me dolls as they freaking make them because I’m just doing to die.


for_Eolta by SaikoXIX on Flickr.


i have a request! i'm planning on getting a doll chateau elizabeth, and was wondering if you could find some pretty photos of her; i love DC's promo pics, but at the same time i'd love to see what else could be done with her!


I queued one in particular that you’ll see in a couple days, but here are some! Mostly her blank sculpt. Keep in mind she’s still a pretty new sculpt (and of very specific interest), so there aren’t a ton of her around.




I hope this helps! There’s really not too many of her out there. I stg if I had the money I’d fix that. (;*´Д`)ノ


Little Monsters by oceanumbrellas on Flickr.

[Volks YoSD White Rabbit]


Elysium Hugo by gama__ on Flickr.

[Elysium Hugo]

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